What not: to wear to an interview

Be it virtual interview, onsite interview, one should not wear these for the interview. Remember your goal is to make first impression and your attire is definately going to be one of the deciding factor.

What not: to wear to an interview

What not to wear to an interview

Regardless of how formal or informal the workplace is you should always considere not wearing the following to an interview.

Your goal in a job interview is to make a good first impression. How you dress in an interview is an important part of how others will perceive you and maybe sometime be a dealbreaker for you.

Avoid these to make sure you look your best:

  • Shorts
  • Short tops, tank tops or shirts with thin straps
  • Flip flops, sandals and other open-toed sandals
  • Athletic shoes
  • Dresses that are too short or skirts.
  • See through shirts
  • Shirts with too-low necklines or that expose your belly
  • Underwear that sticks out from your clothing (This could include the top of your boxers, briefs, etc. showing from the top of your pants or skirt, or bra straps showing.)
  • Perfume or cologne (While you should smell clean, some scents are irritating to others. In a small meeting room, smells can become distracting.)