Helping client hire on Public Holiday.

How we manage the hiring on Public Holiday.

Helping client hire on Public Holiday.
Case styudy by da werben


We receive a request for an urgent hiring on the public holiday.The client is a very niche company in finance industry. The position required the person to join the position following day. The requirement was having certain fixed constraints.


There were couple of challenges related to this requirement.

First the team was on leave.

Second very most important the jobseeker to be onboard the following day.

Third the candidature should align with the mandates.

And its was already past noon.

How we worked? A solution:

The moment we received the mandate,we understood it was challenge which we have to win. We made the strategy to get the work done.

To start with the mandate was shared with the Accounts Manager which was then shared with the team coordinator to be shared with industry team as we have team of recruiter based on skills and industry.

The recruiters was informed to work on it immediately. Which they did and they did it wonderfully. The recruiters used our latest tech tolls to filter out the candidates. Then they apprached them with the details and checked for there immediate availability. With great efforts and skills, the recruiters delievered the mandates before 18:00 Pm evening. That was challenging in itself.

The qualified candidates were screened based on our three levels of screening. Upon which, only the shortlisted profiles were shared with the client.

We conducted immediate telephonic rounds with the client and candidates to get the work done and high five to our team, we did it a male candidate was hired by day end and was onboard very next morning.

So, this way we made it possible.

Kudos to the Team of Da Werben. That was indeed challenging.

A word from the client:

"Great team work! When we first recevied the requirement I wasn't sure it can be done in very short span. I then approached Da Werben. I knew they can do it as they have always done. They helped us very quickly fill the position. Good work team, keep going..."


This was a learning case study for us. It helped us excel more as a professional and we serve even more better. At Da Werben, customer service is utmost important. We are committed to high-quality customer service. And this case study demonstrates our willingness to go above & beyond to ensure that it is exceeding expectations. Without Da Werben's relentless efforts, this position may not have been fulfilled due to its challenges. We understand that our success depends on maintaining lasting and positive client relations and the we works diligently to provide an unparalleled level of customer service.