Decoding the Gen-Z Slang Words, Lingo, Phrases and What They Mean - How-To speak Gen-Z| Da Werben

The ABCs of Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2009. This blog is an infographics containing a list of slang words used most frequently in Gen-Z culture nowadays. Bookmark for later to reference.

Decoding the Gen-Z Slang Words, Lingo, Phrases and What They Mean - How-To speak Gen-Z| Da Werben
How-to speak Gen-Z | An article decoding the Gen Z lingo, phrases and words

Basic, Bop, lit, fire…Scratching head...confused..??

Translating Gen Z's most-used slang, this list is a How-to speak Gen Z. So, Let's roll fam...

Having a hard time understanding your Gen Z employees?

While Gen Z may not use phrases like "bandwidth" and "don't boil the ocean" in their regular workplace lingo, they are bringing their own Gen Z jargon to the table.

The generational split in the workplace has never been greater than it is now, with up to four generations working together. However, with Generation Z expected to make up more than 60% of the workforce in the coming decade, it is critical to understand and communicate effectively.

But what’s Gen Z saying anyway? 

Have you ever overheard a group of Gen Zers discussing something and wondered, "Wait, what does that word even mean?" Don't worry, you're not alone. Gen- Z, like previous generations, communicates using slang phrases (some of which have now made there entry in new words in the dictionary). If you aren't from that generation, it can be difficult to understand what those terms signify.

You may be familiar with the roots of some common slang terms, but Gen Z slang may be a whole other ballgame. We've decoded some of the most frequent Gen Z slang jargon to keep you up to date.  

Here are some of the most popular sayings / workplace phrases that Gen Z is likely to use in the workplace. 


Meaning : Used to describe a pleasing style, mood, aura, fashion sense, or taste. 

"Altered my brain chemistry"
Meaning : Used to rethink life outlook 


"Bad take"
Meaning : Bad opinion.

Meaning : Mainstream or unoriginal. 

Meaning : Agreement or approval or responding to an assigned task.

"Big Yikes"
Meaning : Embarrassing 

Meaning : A really good song or beat.

Meaning : Used if you're describing something or someone that is extravagant or fancy. 

Meaning : The noun could be both friendly or serious, depending on the context of a situation. 

Meaning : A quirky word to use when you taste something delicious.


Meaning : Something that’s considered false or an outright lie. Opposite of  “no cap,” which means “no lie.” 

Meaning : Something that is ironically trendy. One might consider Crocs to be of the camp aesthetic.

Meaning : To stop giving support to a person, place or thing because of their unethical behavior. 

"Catch these hands"
Meaning : To start a fight. This term is generally used in a contentious matter.

Meaning : Not literally the chief executive officer, but good at something. 

Meaning : Something that is cheugy is not at all trendy.

Meaning :  Response or comeback after you've been "called out" for something.

Meaning: If something is dank, it's excellent or of very high quality.

Meaning : Often used to mean you find something hilarious.

Meaning: Criticizing or making fun of . This can be equated to roasting someone.

Meaning: A cool sense of style. It can refer to clothes or the way someone carries themselves.


Meaning : Over the top; dramatic. Someone who is out there and enjoys taking things to a new level of flamboyance.

"E-boy or E-girl"
Meaning: This is similar to emo or goth culture, but they use the internet to express themselves.

Meaning : A shortened term for “family” typically used to describe one’s inner circle.

"Fell off"
Meaning : When someone or something was once popular, and now isn’t.

Meaning : Nice, work: Great, amazing, exciting. Example: "That corporate lunch was fire."

Meaning : Tweak or do something tactfully, skillfully, or cleverly. The act of getting what you want by tricking or manipulating someone.

Meaning : Show off.

Meaning : Finna is a shortened term for saying "I'm going to."

Meaning : For real; true, valid.

Meaning : Greatest of all time.

Meaning : Desirable; what you want out of life. 

Meaning : To stop communicating with someone out of the blue.

Meaning: A woman who acts as her own boss, For Gen Zers, typically used ironically as a hard-working person who puts work before anything else.

"Glow up"
Meaning : A makeover or transformation from bad to good.

"Green flag"
Meaning : A positive sign about someone or something. Opposite of “red flag.”

Meaning : Money, and lots of it.

"Hard launch"
Meaning : Revealing something new suddenly and without previous warning; typically refers to a new relationship. Opposite of “soft launch.”

Meaning : Used to emphasize something. Opposite of lowkey. Synonyms include “really”, “Definitely” and “very.”

"Hits different"
Meaning : Describing or Experiencing something that feels different or unique or new compared to before.

"I’m dead" 
Meaning : An expression used to use when you find something hilarious.

"I'm weak"
Meaning : Similar to "I'm dead," this is just another term to use when you find something hilarious.

Meaning : Short of If you know you know; commonly used in reference to an inside joke or something that’s only understood by a few people with context


Meaning : Opposite of a W—meaning a loss rather than a win.

Meaning :  On the downlow; secretly, understatedly.

"Living rent free" 
Meaning :  something you can’t stop thinking about.

Meaning : Expressing excitement over something, or as an adjective for whether an event is supposed to be fun or not.


"Main character"
Meaning :  Someone who’s well-liked , confident and in control of their life.

"No cap" 
Meaning : Emphasizing the truth behind a statement, no matter how outrageous it may sound.


"OK boomer"
Meaning : OK boomer is used as a clapback when people from older generations post condescending or out-of-touch things about younger generations online. It’s also used in a humorous or ironic way to dismiss out-of-touch commentary from people of any age group.


Meaning: A more intense version of “period,” meant to add emphasis to the point being made.

Meaning: Being mad or upset about something.


"Red flag" 
Meaning :  Warning sign; negative sign about something or someone.


Meaning : Gen Z uses this term when they're feeling jealous.

"Sending me"
Meaning : A term to describe Finding something hilarious

Meaning : Used to hype someone up if they're looking good or doing something good.

Meaning : Something that is small, and in most cases exceptionally adorable.

Meaning : A term to describe someone you think is good-looking.

Meaning : A term to describe something that looks really good, typically when it comes to style.

"Sip tea"
Meaning : Sitting back and listening to the gossip rather than partaking in it. Alternative to "spilling the tea"

Meaning : A shortened version of “sister” typically used as an affectionate greeting for a close friend.

Meaning : Someone who does way too much for the person they have a crush on.

Meaning : An adjective that describes Good, amazing, excellent.

Meaning : To do something well or Referring to something impressive.

"Soft launch"
Meaning : Subtly revealing something new through a small hint; typically refers to a new relationship. Opposite of “hard launch.”

"Shoot your shot"
Meaning : Usually used when someone is going after someone or something they’re interested in.

Meaning : To be a fan of or super fan; liking something a lot. it's a combination of "stalker" and "fan." means you're obsessed but not in a creepy way.

Meaning : Short for “suspicious.”. It typically means something is not as it may seem.


Meaning :  Gossip, news, or juicy information. 

Meaning : Bad; low quality.

Meaning : Stands for "That feeling when" usually accompanied by an image or gif

"This ain't it, chief"
Meaning : Another way of giving disapproval for something.

"Take several seats"
Meaning : Used when someone is really getting on nerves.


"Understood the assignment" 
Meaning : Used when someone’s done a great job or has gone above and beyond.


Meaning : Feeling, atmosphere 


Meaning : To Gen Zers, it simply means “A win.”

Meaning : To being politically aware. 

Meaning : An expression used when something completely blows you away. 

Meaning : So this one technically has two meanings. One is a word that’s essentially an exclamation of approval or excitement. The other is to describe a powerful throw.
Example 1: “He yeeted the ball out of stadium!”
Example 2: “Did you see that shot? Yeet!”

Now that you know what these common Gen Z slang words mean what do you think....?
Whats your vibe.. :):)