How to Ask for an Introduction: A Quick Email

Even if we know the person can help us, we often hesitate to ask for a referral. So without further ado, check out this newsletter and reach your contact for referrals.

How to Ask for an Introduction: A Quick Email

We have many connects. And people know people. So its okay to assume that each new person you meet is connected to at least another few other individuals who can assist you with your career or job search. It could be Leads for sales..Prospective recruits..Employees working at your dream companies etc.

So now the question is, how do you approach those people and request an introduction without being annoying?

First, consider who you want to introduce yourself to and why.

Then, make your request as politely as possible.


Introduction to [intended person name] for [your purpose]


Hi [name],

I hope you are doing well.As you are aware, I have been [context: seeking a new job,working in sales at Company name]. I noticed you're connected to [intended person name] and was hoping you could introduce us for [reason] if that's okay with you.

I've included a quick synopsis below to provide context, but please let me know if you require any additional information. I appreciate your assistance!

[Your name]

Pro Tip:

  • Be mindful and value your contact's time and request only those that are important as you may loose your connect by requesting too often.
  • Only write a brief (say 2-3 lines) about your context explaining who you are and why you want the introduction. This will make it very easy for your connect to refer.