6 Career Mistakes Jobseekers Should Avoid

Career mistakes to avoid those who are looking for job.

6 Career Mistakes Jobseekers Should Avoid
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Inspite of having professional experience and skill sets,many jobseekers lose an opportunity due to some simple mistakes.

This leads to dismissal by recruiters.

Candidates should avoid the following 6 mistakes for job selection:

Incomplete Job Application:

Recruiters are always in hurry. Because they have to screen lots of applications. Most of the jobseekers keep the application incomplete for recruiters to guess. But this strategy does not work. Often recruiters reject the incomplete application and move to the next applicant. So its always advisable to complete the application based on the job requirement. If you do not know or get stuck, take help!(online/offline)

Not following job application instructions:

This is mistake is often made by 50% of the canddiates. There are always certain sets of instruction mentioned for applying. The bottomline for these instruction is for easy application. If there is an instruction for no calls, "DO NOT CALL". Rather follow the guidelines.

Applying In General:

This case is ofthen when the applicant applyies through job board, job portals and social media. Jobseeker often tends to simply click on APPLY butto and forget to recheck if the applications are really matching with gthe role mentioned. It is alwys advised to edit your application before applyig.

Applying in a hurry:

Companies hire those candidates who are best at what they are doing and also how they will benefit the company. So always go through all the details take time to apply, ofcourse within the given job application timeframe.

Avoid Rushing! Its never the first come first serve way of hiring.

Getting Flashy:

Its often a myth that using flashy formats and fonts will grab recruiters attention. This is not the case. Your application must be as professional as possible. Simple CV with effective formatting and proper job KRA's is all it takes. Recruiters do not spend more than few seconds to go through your profile. So by ensuring smart formatting will work for you if you are a jobseeker.

Not following up:

One should follow up on the application. If you have not heard from the recruiter from 8 to 10 days of your application. Always follow up. Following up does not mean to call and email the recruiter every other day. You can just simply ask for your application progress by just being polite and showing your interest while enquiring about your application.